- made of olive wood -


If you are looking for a sustainable soap dish to complement your baathroom sets with, I have just the right tool for you.

Markus and his son-in-law operate a family run business in Tunisian, where they cultivate olive trees. They pay particularly attention to the raw materials they process and the sustainability of their products. 

I am very proud to have landed this cooperation with this ethical manufacturer.

Markus & Schwiedersohn KBT

"We pay particularly attention to the raw materials we process and the sustainability of our products. "

A couple of years ago, I tumbled over hand crafted kitchen tools made of olive wood. And I didn't get around buying a few pieces. I fell in love with these beautiful handmade products and sent out an email to the craftsmen responsible. I told him how much I appreciate them and that I hope to come to an arrangement with him in the soon future.

On top of the excellent quality I also appreciate the fair manner they treat their partners with and the sustainable approach. For instance, every year they plant home grown seedlings and only olive trees that haven't borne fruit will be processed to high quality olive wood products.

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Every piece is handcrafted and unique in form and wood grain.

Care Tips
To maintain the quality and ensure a long life span of your soap dish, I recomment rinsing it with warm water, once or twice a week, on a regular basis. This helps to remove remains of your soap and keeps it clean and the draining wholes unclogged. After washing it, dry it with a towel or let it thoroughly dry by air.  Rub a little bit of oil (f.i. olive,-rapeseed-, flux seed oil) into it. Leave it to dry a couple of minutes. Afterwards it's ready to be used again.

It's free of varnish and waxed instead. If you don´t apply these care tips on a regular basis you might risk cracks in your handmade product!