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Organic, cold pressed, wild-harvested Marula Oil

The “Tree Of The Elephants” is an ancient plant with a long history in South Africa. Many parts of the tree are used in traditional medicine.

The fruit, which ripens from January to March, is known for it's high vitamin C content. The oil from the kernels is highly nutritious and light textured.


Organic, cold pressed Marula Oil is naturally soothing, fast-absorbing and suited for all skin types. It contains powerful antioxidants, hydrates at the deepest levels and repairs the skin from within. It can also help heal and reduce scars, eczema and acne. Organic, cold pressed Marula Oil is a potent source of nutrition that rejuvenates the appearance of your skin and boosts its cellular activity.


Handmade Soap

There are different methods of making soap. However, the one I believe creates the best quality bar of soap is called the cold process method. This method creates gentle and mild soaps which cure over several weeks. Real handmade soap contains raw ingredients that include butters, fat or oil, and lye.

I only use high quality, natural and raw, plant based oils and butters to produce my soaps. Not only does this create an incredibly gentle cleansing product, that positively supports the natural function of your skin. It also gives it a delicate and natural odor - without having to add any chemical additives.


Handcrafted Olive Wood Soap Dish

Every piece is handmade and unique in it's wood grain and shape.

I am cooperating with a sustainably and fair working farm in Tunesia.

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