Handmade Soap & Handmade Olive Wood Soap Dish


Natural Soap 80g fresh weight
Handmade soap is ideal for everyone who agrees that less is more. It weighs hardly anything and comes plastic free. It´s ideal for frequent travelers who value quality with a low impact on nature.

I only use high quality, cold pressed and raw, plant based oils and butters to produce my soaps. Not only does this create an incredibly gentle cleansing product, that positively supports the natural function of your skin. It also gives it a delicate and natural odor - without having to add any chemical additives.


Because I don´t use any artificial additives and stabilizers, shape and colour of the soaps can vary slightly,depending on the batch.




Handmade Olive Wood Soap Dish

This is a unique and sustainable way to put and store your handcrafted soaps.

I am very proud of my cooperation with a family-run olive wood farm in Tunisia.

What also convinced me, in addition to the top quality, is the brand philosophy of dealing fairly with people and nature. Every year new, self-grown, seedlings are planted. Only olive trees that have not borne fruits for 2 years are processed into high-quality wood products.


Care instructions
In order to enjoy your olive wood soap dish for a long time, I recommend rinsing it regularly 1-2 times a week under warm water and removing any soap residue. Then dry well or let it dry and rub with a little oil, for example olives, rapeseed or linseed oil, and let it absorb. As soon as the oil is absorbed, your soap dish is ready to use again.

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