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The light yellow oil is obtained from the yellow-brown seeds of the beautiful passion fruit, which is native to South America, Puerto Rico and South Africa.


Passion Fruit Oil, also known as Maracuja Oil, contains flavonoids, in particular quercetin, which is a known radical catcher. Among other things, flavonoids strengthen blood vessels and can thereby improve blood circulation.


Linoleic acids, oleic acid and palmitic acid nourish the skin and can help to treat acne prone skin.

Furthermore, it contains vitamin A. This composition, especially in combination with quercetin, can help fight free radicals and prevent environmental skin damages. That's why this exotic oil is also considered a natural anti-aging oil.


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Passion Fruit Oil

  • Content:

    • 100% cold-pressed Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Passiflora Edulis)

    Odor: characteristic odor, as 100% untreated oil . The scent has nothing to do with the artificially produced "passion fruit scent" and does not go down well with everyone.

    Size: 10cm x 3.5cm

    Volume: 30ml

    Suitable as a carry-on

    Dosing head: pipette

    +++ Vegan, not tested on animals, 100% natural, free of chemicals +++