The baobab tree, which is native to Eastern and Southern Africa, is also known as the “tree of life” as it provides human and animal inhabitants with shelter, water, clothing and food. These trees can exceed over 1000 years of age.

Derived from the nutritious fruit, Baobab Oil is a rare, golden oil which absorbs quickly without clogging pores or leaving an oily film on the skin.

It is rich in vitamin A, D, E and C and linoleic acid. It is highly valued for its regenerative, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil locks in moisture and leaves your skin soft and smooth while supporting its protective barrier.


SUITABLE for ALL SKIN TYPES and perfect for mature and dry skin. It's a superb beart oil and a wonderful moisturiser.


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Organic Baobab Oil

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  • Content:

    • Organic, cold-pressed, wild-harvested Baobab Oil (Adansonia Digitata) | 30ml

    Scent: nutty (smells neutral on the skin)

    Size: 10cm x 3.5cm

    Suitable as carry-on

    Dosing head: pipette