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ARTISAN SOAP Coconut-Honey
There are different methods of making soap. However, the one I believe creates the best quality bar of soap is called the cold process method. This method creates gentle and mild soaps which cure over several weeks.
Real handmade soap contains raw ingredients that include butters, fat or oil, and lye.
Most mass-produced bars we buy in the supermarkets have nothing in common with “real” soap as they contain synthetic ingredients such as harsh detergents,hardening agents, artificial fragrances and colours. These strip your skin of it's natural oils and can leave it dry and irritated.
Bad for you, good for the industry. Instead of purchasing one product which cleans and moisturises you will have to buy two or more products to serve the same purpose.

I only use high quality, natural and raw, plant based oils and butters to produce my soaps. Not only does this create an incredibly gentle cleansing product, that positively supports the natural function of your skin. It also gives it a delicate and natural odor - without having to add any chemical additives.

For better understanding what we put into and onto our bodies we should always read the labels on the back carefully.

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3 Pack Handmade Soaps

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